Jens Madsen

I’m a Swedish photographer and graphic designer living in Kyoto, Japan since 2015.

I love photography, design, creating art & coming up with ideas for new projects.
If it’s photography or design, commercial or private, prints or digital media, doesn’t matter.
I’m at your service.

My main tools for digital creativity are Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom & Capture One.

  • Photography
    • Natural-looking skin retouch
    • Masking and removal of objects
    • Light and colors
    • & more
  • Graphic design
    • Posters
    • Flyers
    • Business cards
    • Logos
    • Banners
    • & more

Printed or digital doesn’t matter.
The possibilities with photoshop are endless,
let me do the job for you!

My favorite city in Japan

The impression I got from my first visit to Kyoto back in 2011 has left me with a deep interest in Kyoto culture and history.
It has changed me from the bottom of my heart, giving me inspiration and creativity without limits.
I am looking forward to seeing what my future here will bring,
what kind of creations I will make, what kind of photos I will capture in this city.

Latest projects:

Kuroneko Shashin

Started my own photo studio in Hyogo, Sonoda. Follow me on my Instagram Kuronekoshashin.

Photo Taiken Japan

Creator of Photo Taiken Japan (Photo experiences such as photo tours, oiran studio makeover & photoshoots)
With a goal to get travelers, locals, a chance to connect with a professional photographer.

This is the promo video for Photo Taiken Japan.
Video, graphics, photos, all created and captured by Me.

Past project – Kyoto Free Walking Tour

In collaboration with Kyoto free walking tour,
I built their homepage .
Flyer design and etc graphics also designed by me, check out the gallery page here.

I’m always in search of new ideas, projects, and love to connect with people!
If it is business, questions, or an idea that needs some inspiration.
I’m here for you.


My private account, photos from my daily life, scenery, design, etc.
Photo Taiken Japan official account, model photoshoots, photo experiences, photo tours, etc.
Photo Taiken Japan experiences and photo services booking page, available in both English & Japanese.

My digital business card

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Jens Madsen